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Solar Power

We aim to establish ourselves as a leading provider of grid-tied solar power systems in Indonesia.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We provide energy solutions to commercial sector including Hotels, Factories Banks and Restaurants to assist them saving on running cost and reduce their carbon footprint.

EV Charge stations

We will start to install universal solar EV charge stations in and around Indonesia and then throughout Southeast Asia.



While standard panels loose nearly 20% over 25 Years, current generation LG Neon 2 panels will give you close to 10% more output at year 25, than standard panels, with 90, 08% capacity guaranteed.




Huayu brand is ranking within the top 5 world-wide supplier due to reliability of their products and customer services. The micro inverter is the next generation of solar inverter due to its versatility simple plug and play and cost


Energy Consulting

PMR intend to position itself not only as solar energy company but as an energy consultant to show our client how to improve their energy consumption


Today's Indonesia fossil fuel production for electricity consumption

Burned on a yearly basis - Coal :  100 Millions / Tonnes 


Today's Dioxide world wide emission !!!!!!!!

Dioxide per kwh


-Charbon 1000g 


-Fuel 800g


-Gaz 400g


-Solaire 50g


-Nuclear 10g


To be part of the future get in contact with us. 

Projects in the near future :

We will also start to install universal solar EV charge stations in and around Bali and then throughout Indonesia, with hotels banks restaurants and shopping malls. Within our showroom our staff will also enlighten customers from the residential sector on how to reduce their cost and carbon footprint in the way they can build their DIY solar energy system as well as the use of economical appliances

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